Our Team

We have a team of the best in every position. Best in hardware, best in software, best in marketing. Just the Best.

Miki Barel is a Brig. Gen. (res) from the IDF. In his last position he served as a Military Police Officer. Holds an MA in Economics and Business Administration and a Master's degree in Security Studies. Served as CEO of "Moshe Aviv Tower". Served as director at the Port of Ashdod.



Inventor & Co-founder Business consultant, founder and owner of the S-Group which engages in the initiation and management of complex projects.


Inventor & Co-founder

Over 12 years of Successful business development experience. Well connected with a network of key professionals in the fields of Start - up and technologies .


VP Business Development

Over 20 years of experience as a CPA in leading Israeli firms.


Our CPA (Lawyer)

Vadim Fainshtein

Vadim has 20 years of management and tech consulting for Fortune 500 companies. Vadim is a keynote speaker and author of “How To Create Apps That People Use. He is responsible for software products that are used by more than 200,000,000 people worldside.

Vadim Fainshtein


with a BSc degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and an MBA in Business Administration. Served as an officer for 25 years in the IDF's technology establishment and has extensive experience in managing and executing projects

Shimon Levi Paor

Senior technological consultant & Partner

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